Chimney Liner Flue Kits supplied by CBL Stoves, South westCBL’s owner, Carl, has 15 years experience in chimney lining and and Flues. Lining a chimney is job that must be undertaken by a professional and any work done to an existing chimney now comes under building control regulations (pdf), we will carry out a free appraisal and advise on the appropriate method for lining your chimney.

We use a variety of flue liners such as Iskoern pumice liners, stainless steel 904 grade flexible liner and for those that don’t have a chimney, stainless Isokern chimney linersteel SFL Nova twin wall insulated systems which are manufactured in Barnstaple Devon. As we are a Hetas registered company, when the work is completed, we will issue the relevant certificate of compliance , a chimney data plate and a carbon monoxide detector all necessary to keep you covered by your insurance.

Over the years we have lined hundreds of chimneys and supplied literally miles of flexible liner. This has given us the opportunity to see how the different makes of liner stand up to the stresses and strains of being pulled down a chimney and how the flexible flue liner reacts to being subjected to continuous high temperatures with occasional bursts of very high heat. It also gives us the opportunity to see how the flexible flue liner puts up with being in a damp chimney and how it copes when unseasoned, tar filled wood or high output cokes and coal are burnt. We have subjected the various chimney liners to other tests as well, such as how quickly will the inner skin of the flexible liner crease when the liner is curved, thus compromising its integrity (and you won’t see that from the outside of the liner).

Our flue liners are C.S.T.B. approved and have been tested up to 1000 degrees centigrade.

For a free no obligation quote to line your chimney give Carl a call on 01288 381 852 or email